Geek Bart

I really can't think of any excuses right now.Aside from the lack of internet connection, I was just really too busy to take photos and blog about anything. But now, I am so back and I will really try my best to update you with anything that I find interesting. 

Got both these geek shirt and bart shorts from Romwe. Cute pair eh? :))

Sorry guys for the awkward poses. I haven't been doing this for quite a long time now. Just bear with it. haha

I got this cute bag by the way from Chicnova :) Cute right? the color, design and especially the twist lock.


I'm actually hungry right now and I'm quite confuse of something. Im going crazy over a thing that suddenly came up to me and i just can't stop thinking about it. About everything. I know I am going in the wrong direction but I dont know how to stop because it feels great. Really -.- I just couldn't imagine how things got into this and I haven't thought of this. I never thought I could do such thing and I feel really bad about myself and everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!-

-just sharing-


  1. we have the same top but different color! :) I really love these top though its a bit baggy for me.
    i miss your post! <3

    .never settle for less.


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