Mustache :3

How was your day ladies? :) its been quite hot around the past days, wasn't it? Have you joined my firmoo and bellast giveaway? :) I hope you did! Anyway, I'd like to share my awesome finds from Chicnova.
I've been really using this cute bag ever since I claimed it.  I love the color, the size and the unique design. Its a bit small but its very handy and comfortable. Sturdy enough to carry all my necessary things. And most of all, I super like the twist design of the lock :))

Another item I got is this cute Mustache cropped shirt. I haven't really used it since I didn't had the time to dress up in the past days. I've always wore my uniform to work so I rarely dress up but as soon as I could have the right time to wear it, I'd surely blog about it :)



  1. i love the bag :) so pretty :> thanks for sharing :)) would love to see you wearing the top :D

  2. That's really a cute bag! I love yellow ones. :) By the way, if you haven’t join my Ahaishopping giveaway yet, I am inviting you to join now because you only have 9 days left to enter. You’ll have a chance to win 2 pieces of clothing. You might want to try your luck.

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