DIY: Heart-shaped paper clips

One lazy blogger here folks! lol I'm not really in the mood to blog right now (blame Miami for winning over Spurs hahaha!joke! ). I already scheduled my posts and I bet, you'll be able to read nonsense in them hehhe, just quite though. Anyway, in times like these drafted posts are really in so much use. I can publish them automatically if ever I'm emptied.

So here's a really quick DIY which has been rotting in my draft folder for quite a long time. lol Something really simple but cute, fun and useful for this back to school event!

You will only need paper clips that you want to revamp. That's it.

And then tadaaaa!!!! You're done! as easy as that!

Easy and fun to make! definitely useful for school papers, work and stuff. Hope you like it!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. wooow very inspiring !! nice to know you, Btw please vote me and join my giveaway maybe you're the lucky one

  3. Even though your upset about Miami winning over Spurs still you come up with a cute DIY post :)
    Hugs and kisses from ♥ missJHENZ

    1. hahaha
      i just publish this one which has been in my drafts for quite a long time already.

  4. hi sis, i like your blog ang dami mong DIY, i learned a lot! followed you!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  5. Cute! di xa magiging boring everytime mkikita mo. Nice! :D

  6. hehehe this is cute thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog and for the follow. yep I'am actually and already following u =)


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