Google Reader is CLOSING DOWN!

I heard the news a couple of months back but I never thought it was really serious. I've used it since I started blogging and reading other people's blogs and I know A LOT of people use Google reader too to read blogs and establish their blogs as well.  But why on earth  did the big boys of Google decided to close Google Reader down? Its frustrating. It's not easy to find good blogs to read ! There are a lot of blogs out there but do not meet your interests. Locating your favorite blogs again would be difficult!  And its not easy to build followers as well!. It takes hardwork, time and sleepless nights. 

A blog would exist without readers but its the readers who makes this blog alive and kick'n! I don't want to loose my awesome readers. I don't want to loose those smiling faces who followed this blog ever since it started. And I don't want to loose my favorite blogs either! who inspires me to blog even better. However,  every problem comes with a solution!

 An easy solution for all of us :) Bloglovin'
Before doing anything else, sign up first.

There are two ways:
* You can follow this blog alone by clicking the button below.
Follow on Bloglovin

* OR Import all your favorite blogs in a single click! as easy as that. Click the link below.
Once you get there, click "Import from Google Reader". 

Wait for a few minutes and then... you're done!! You won't then need to follow every single blogs you used to follow because all of them have been imported to your bloglovin' account already. You can now use Bloglovin' instead of Google reader! Once google reader closes down, just visit your bloglovin' account and check your favorite blog's updates!

Easy right?GFC is closing this coming JULY 1. I've imported my favorite blogs already and I hope you do the same before time runs out :)
-I'm not sure of how the closing of Google Reader will affect GFC but let's just stay on the safe zone. We never know what will happen. Anyway, Bloglovin' is cool too!-

and by the way, I changed one of the mechanics in my current giveaway. Instead of GFC, I changed it to "Follow via Bloglovin'" But don't worry, those who already joined and followed me via GFC its still counted. I just changed it last night and to those who will join, kindly follow this blog in Bloglovin' instead of GFC.

Have a good day!


  1. I have imported my reading vlog into bloglovin. However I think google reader closing down won't affect gfc. Anyway we can still anticipate

    1. importing won't harm so why not import nlng din diba?hahaha mahirap na..

  2. ok, people keep freaking out about this, but google reader is completely different to GFC, its a way you can read the blogs you follow on GFC, but its NOT going to affect your followers.
    so you shouldnt go around saying GFC is closing down, false information!!!! google reader is closing down, a platform no body even uses that links the blogs you follow via GFC to a platform for you to read.
    you arent going to loose followers :)

    i hope this kinda of explains what im trying to say?


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  3. I have imported - into bloglovin. Great weekend.

  4. I don't use google reader. haha.


  5. hey sweetie, thanks for your message on my blog and I'm already following you on bloglovin' :)

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