Life Lately

Miss me? :) rots! hahaha I haven't blogged for days because I've been pretty busy with some things. One of that is my guitar lessons (with youtube!lol) and playing with my ever dearest Sims 3. I borrowed le boyfie's guitar to at least make my summer productive and unveil my hidden music talent! charoot! haha. and downloaded Sims3 Seasons expansion pack and a couple of stuff packs to make my play time more enjoyable.  Aside from that, I've also been busy helping my sister pack and get her things ready for her board examination review in Manila.
Describe comfort... :)  --> Sorry for the awkward poses. ahahaha
Baked some brownies as pasalubong for my relatives in Manila..
Chocolate cake in celebration for Buru-un fiesta..
 Instant cappuccino c/o Nestle!!!! <3!
and my favorite J.CO! yummmy!!! at last I was able to taste them again! 
Playing with Trixie :D
Look who's at my place!?! hahaha
My ever dearest Sims3 seasons+ambitions+town life stuff = <3 :))

I have a lot of things to blog but I'm not in the mood. My giveaways are currently on their last days now but don't worry coz I have more to come :) Do not forget to join my Firmoo Giveaway!

Have a good night! :*


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