Feeling blue

I was emptied last night while I was waiting for my Sims3 download to finish, so I browsed  my own blog last night and I was quite happy reading all my posts. I find myself somehow ridiculous, crazy and boring with some of my posts. Its really funny reading your own writing in time especially when its about personal stuff. If you have your diary then you'll know what I mean. You'll gonna laugh yourself out reading all those crazy and nonsense things you did before. Time flies really fast! I can't imagine how I managed to put up this blog and reached 300+ posts in a span of two years. ! Yeah! it's been two years already and I am so thankful for having such awesome readers! :)
Moving on, I won a giveaway with Chicnova last month and I bought a skirt and leggings using the voucher that they gave me. I am super delighted with the fast shipment of my items! in just two weeks or even less, my items arrived right in front of our door.

So with this outfit, I paired the leggings with my sheer blue polo. I super like how this leggings can be used in a lot of ways. May it be formal, rock, casual, etc. I also like the leather details on its side which makes it even more unique.

Since the look is somewhat formal, I decided to go minimal with the accessories. Plainly watch, bracelet and necklace.

Necklace c/o Romwe

Watch bought all the way from Malaysia, infinity bracelet from Romwe.
These two handies goes well together. I love how  the watch and the infinity bracelet compliments each other bringing that vintage feeling.
What do you think?? :)

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