DIY: Cropped Ombre Vest

DIY Cropped Ombre Vest

Hi there! How's your summer going? We're halfway till its end and before we knew it, its already June(my birth month!). Time flies so fast (I am aging! bye teenage days!)! Anyway, today I am gonna show you how to do this Cropped Ombre Vest in just three easy steps! All you need is an old denim jacket/polo, scissors and bleach! 

DIY Cropped Ombre Vest

Since the summer started, all I did was to sleep, eat, surf the net and other lazy things we usually do at home. I don't have the guts to face the scorching sun so I don't really prefer going in town these days. Aside from that, I am trying my best to save some money for my future use. One day, I was staring at the monitor thinking of what else to do aside from browsing the net. I stood up and decided to get some food to eat when I passed by the mirror and saw the shorts I am wearing. It reminded me of last year's summer, my best blogging summer ever; the time when I made some DIY and the highest point of my blog. And then I decided to make use of my time doing something productive. I opened my closet, looked for something I can reuse of and then I saw this thrifted denim jacket which I bought for only P20.00 last year. It still looks good but I find the long sleeves a bit hassle to wear with this hot weather. I immediately got scissors and started to bring this jacket a new life.

Okay, so.. Let's get this party started!
What you will need:
-Denim jacket or polo

In just three easy steps, you can remake your old denim to anew and hip item perfect for this season!
All you have to do is CROP-DISTRESS-BLEACH! as easy as that. Now, read ahead to know the detailed steps!
DIY Cropped Ombre Vest
Crop the sleeves in any length you want. It depends on you on how you want it to be.Next to that is to cut the collar part. This is actually optional. It depends on you f you want to cut this part or just leave it like that. For me, I wanted to leave a small portion of the sleeve and the collar to make a little fringe detail. 
DIY Cropped Ombre Vest
After cropping the denim, distress the sleeve and collar part to make some fringe details. How? you can use a serrated knife or a pluck. In using the knife, be careful not to exert a lot of energy (I got wounded, slightly). If you want, you can manually do it by using a pluck. Pull every strand of white thread until your desired length of the fringe. 

DIY Cropped Ombre Vest
The next step is to bleach the cropped denim. To achieve the Ombre effect, mix the bleach with a small amount of water. This is to create the gradient effect and avoid creating a very harsh line that the bleach gives once the denim is soaked. Soak half portion of the denim and then soak in longer time the tip portion. Wash it thoroughly when done to stop the bleaching process.

DIY Cropped Ombre Vest
Let it dry it under the sun and then tadaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! End result! :)
This vest is perfect for cover ups this summer. Aside from its Ombre look, it adds spice and that cool vibe to your getup.

I hope you find this post informative enough to try it yourselves :) Let me know what you think about it, don't forget to leave some comments below!



  1. babe, akin na lang to! joke! :) ganda lang!

    1. uy.. belated happy fiesta diay sa iniu! tga steeltown ka noh?

  2. I love how it turned out!
    Great job Em! inggit much on
    your denim vest :D

  3. Great DIY! It looks way better than it's former self. I should probably go thrifting too so I have something to experiment on.

  4. I allready follow you dear :)
    Hope we can keep in touch ♥

  5. this DIY is awesome, great idea!
    and i just entered your giveaway :)


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  6. This is really inspiring, surely gonna try it!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you dear.


  7. What more can I say? This is FAB!

    Hugs and kisses from missJHENZ


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