Lip Colors

Hey there! J Just recently, I discovered a new relative which happen to be my sister’s classmate in her five years in college. Funny thing is, she I mean we never found it out not until the graduation day. What a day right? Timing is it that it’s there grandmother’s birthday back to back with my cousin’s graduation celebration and so we went. If it weren’t for both of our parents then we wouldn’t find it out. Surprisingly, I saw my uncles there which prove the fact that we really are relatives. I browsed their photo albums and to my surprise (again) I saw the little me in there. I also remember seeing here when I had the chance to be a flower girl at my aunt’s wedding way back then, unknowingly knowing that she was that kid at my back that time. Small world huh? Indeed it is.

Anyway, that was how I got these adorable lippies. I wouldn’t just tell that story if it isn’t in relation with what I am blogging of, Okay nonsense right? Yeah coz I am so bored already here and I am so craving for an internet connection right now so I can browse, do Facebook, and blog! 

Okay enough of that. They gave us small tokens of appreciation for coming and with the chocolates are these three great lipsticks. 

(From left to right: Radiant red, Lavender Lady, Petal)

My sister and I chose these three adorable colours. Two are Jordana lippies and one NYC lipstick each with adorable colour great for adorable occasions.

Red never gets old. Wear red lipstick and you are good to go. Whether day or night, or might be even day to night, this colour never fails any girl. Attractive, passionate, in love, elegant and seductive: Words that describes the colour and describes the person wearing it.  This Radiant Red from Jordana rocks with a rich colour and moist texture. Creamy enough to stick the colour and not drying your lips.

Lavender Lady from Jordana, this unique colour is perfect for either fair or brown skin. Very chic, preppy and cute. Though its matte, it does not dry the lips compared to what other matte lipsticks do. You can use lip balm before you apply any matte like this to keep your lips moist and to make the lipstick last. I even used this during my graduation day. Too bad I do not have good photos to show you. I absolutely love this.

The shimmer plus the baby pink colour is just so girly. I know it’s opposite to me but I can always count on this colour whenever I change my mood and decided to be girly lol. I mean whenever I need to, like on special occasions. This is just so perfect on weddings or other elegant events. The colour gives that simple yet very chic aura. It is not matte so no need to put lip balm. Instead, since the colour is light you need to put a little bit of powder on your lips so the colour would show up.

To see the difference with the colours, here are swatches of the lipsticks with and without the flash.

(From left to right: Radiant red, Lavender Lady, Petal)
Without the flash.

(From left to right: Radiant red, Lavender Lady, Petal)
With flash.

These lippies are absolutely picture perfect. Am I not right? :) I adore these colours and these brands as well. Much more because they are gifts  :D Anyway, I am thankful for this. Lipsticks are such handy and they are something that girls should always have.


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