Shining Shimmering Splendid!

Lol at the title. I've never been good with titles though. I really suck at this haha... oh well, enough of my slumpy titles. This is the last day of exams, all that's left is the completion of our Feasibility study and the tarpaulin for our Tourism development subject. haaaaay.. it's getting nearer and nearer -.- I don't understand but I want to back out. chos! seriously, I haven't even left Iligan yet I feel like I already cannot survive the loneliness and the life away from my family and friends. I started packing my things up just this night and I still have a bunch of things to buy, adjust fits and so on. hahay... life -.-

Before I undergo a full  training where polishes aren't allowed. Why not let myself experience what I still can while the OJT is not yet on going? Remember the partial review I wrote on the glitter nail accessories from KkCenterHk? (you can read it here). I tried using the glitters and since I haven't checked the internet on what nice design could I do with the two colors, I decided to just apply them alternately. At first, I wanted to Ombre-fy the look from orange to light pink but I do not know if I can do it (i need youtube gurus help to teach me LOL) so I stick with my other plan which is to alternate the colors.

First, I applied a colorless nail polish and then I dip my finger with the glitters. Making sure that the glitters cover my entire nail (shake it off to remove excess glitters). I applied the color alternately and then I let them dry for about 5 minutes. I then applied two coats of the same colorless polish on top to seal the glitters and then tadaaaaaa. Done! :)

N.NAIL Neon Glitter Color - C19(orange) & C52 (pink) 
100% Authentic 
Size : 0.2mm Or 1/128
$7.30 each

I am no expert with nail polishes and the like so please bear with the imperfections and faults :p
Anyway, let me thank  KkCenterHk  for sending me these wonderful items.
Rating: 5/5!

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