Spot night care review and some random shots

Home for this weekend :) trying to have a little time to rest. Monday, a beginning of another busy week for me and for all of us (my friends). Make up classes, project defence, feasibility study, video edits and a lot of other things to work on. Hence, a super busy week is ahead of me. Though next week is our school's Palakasan, we're not excuse to pause temporarily with those loads of works coz we don't have enough time to finish all if we take a day off of it. 

"Busy?why blog?" well, blogging is fun, it relieves my stress actually :p and I don't want to empty my blog. I only blog at most two times a week since August started and I feel like this blog is getting boring. No outfit posts, updates and few giveaways. Please bear with my absences coz I really have to do first things first and I definitely want to graduate and take my OJT on time. When time comes, I would definitely fill this blog with loads of interesting stuffs. Pinky promise!

I wanted to blog about how the prenup went but because I can't reveal the photos yet till the showing day, I scheduled the post about it. hihi :P For now, here's a quick review of a spot night care :)

The last item from the package I got from Wishtrend :)
A spot night care from Raclia.

I was pimple-ish before, way back in high school. I do not know why but it all started during my 3rd year days when I had my bangs, as in full bangs. The pimples started appearing right between my eyebrows and then on my cheeks and on the sides of my eyes. They scarred but luckily they're all gone now and I rarely have pimples already, most of them show up when my period comes but they disappear quite fast.

I haven't used a product like this before. Whenever I got pimples, I just let them show up and then after about 2 days, its gone.  I tried this product quite a few times. I can't say its really that effective because the red spot on my face disappeared the usual as before, quite fast. But I still do think that this product had helped reduce the spot :)

I thought it would be smoother and would have a light consistency but I was wrong. It was not clear, it has a greyish color and it itsn't syrupy as what I thought it was. But I was able to  apply the product well because of its paste-like consistency. Can't understand the instructions at the back since it isn't in English alphabet. Especially for beginners like me, I need to know how I could use the product and what materials consist the product.Over all rating? 3/5


 Random shots of how I was in the past days...

 my one and only pair of flat shoes. poor me!

Lenon glasses from Firmoo :)  ooooh... vintage <3 

Firmoo glass and my poor phone.. 

Lovely feather earrings from Kisspat Feathers :) will post a separate entry for this, soon :)

Candid shots... ooh, really? emo!
hala.. naay bata nasalaag! haha LOL

Played around with Photo enhancements @Photoshop :) How's my take? :D
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Have good night loves! <3


  1. Date at centennial park? I actually saw you at school 3 weeks ago. You're prettier in person. :)

    Regarding the product, I think as long as it does what it's suppose to do, it should get a high rating.

  2. char. :D ahaha salamat!
    lageh noh.. hmm.. :D


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