Home at last. Never been home for the last weeks because of school stuff. I thought stress would at least temporarily leave me when I'm here, but well.. I'm wrong. hmpf. For the last days, I know I left you hanging without posting anything. Its not just because I'm very busy with things or because I lack the Internet connection but also because I have nothing to post. Life has been idle lately and only school stuff kept me going busy. Spell b-o-r-i-n-g. 

I hope things will eventually get better in time. Since I left the connector of the camera, for now... I'll show you the miniature me and my group made as a presentation for our humanities subject. We were told to make a miniature of an architectural work from the Western world. This was about a month ago. I though of posting this one before but never had the here it is :) Guess what we tried to make..

I know it looks a lot like a school but it is not. Its a mini representation of the white house.. actually :D Were no professional with these things so please bear with the flaws, if we weren't able to make it a white house. But it is supposed to be a white house.

Moving on. I have told you about Hey Melody right? in fact, I am currently having a giveaway sponsored by them, have you join? :)  All in all, I received these lovely items from them for a review and a giveaway (the prizes). 

 I also received a cute feather earring from Kisspat Feathers all the way from Honkong. I will make a full review with this earring as soon as I can. They got a bunch of cute feather accessories, from earrings to feather extensions up to DIY crafts and supplies! check Kisspat Feathers now :)

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  1. That's a really cool model, dear. Always been fascinated with creating models but never got around to trying it. :)

    Oh, and never read the book you mentioned before. Will look it up. :) Have a great Sunday!

    1. I haven't finished reading it yet nga :D but I think its a great novel.. you should read it too :)


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