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Remember my post about Klair's Aloe Moist Gel that I got from Wishtrend? Here's the second part of the review. Wisthtrend sent me samples of Hello Everybody's Nature Holic body care products. HE's nature holic body care products uses organic Herb Aloe Water that is certified by ECOCERT. It provides dry skin with an immediate burst of moisture and nourishes dry skin the moisture barrier to break the cycle of dry skin.

Hello Everbody uses natural preservatives from nature and vegetable based surfactant. It does not contain any toxic ingredients and is formulated without GMO's, Parabeans, Petrochemicals, Alcohol, Silicone, Synthetic dye. Thumbs up for this! :)

Hello Everybody Nature Holic body products are available in different variations. The Honey milk, Fresh herb, Sweet peach and the Pink grapefruit which they sent me. Grapefruit extract makes our skin emollient, it is an ideal daily care for skin and it helps prevent sun damage and premature skin aging as it is a potent natural antioxidant. Both the lotion and body wash that I got, they contain Magnolia which is an effective whitening and anti wrinkle, Indian gooseberry for cooling energy and antioxidant activity as well as grapefruit for abundant moisture and effective removal of trouble spot.
Nature Holic Body Lotion in Grapefruit 300 ML

Same with the first product I reviewed, the back portion is not in English alphabet which they should have translated if they want to market globally, right? though they sent me a brochure of it, still they should translated it to the universal language :)

Like any other lotion, after a shower or bath, apply lotion liberally over the entire body.

 Lotion plays a very important role to people especially for girls since we care much more about our skin than the men. The hot weather in a tropical country like here in the Philippines requires us to use lotion everday and as much as possible twice a day, some even says that. Lotion keeps our skin moisturized and protects our skin from dehydration making it smoother and gentler to touch. Ever since, I've used lotion in different brands and I'm certain that they all have the same effect except they got different time of effectivity and different volume of SPF content.

For the lotion Wishtrend sent me, it smell really good the moment I opened it but the smell changed when I started rubbing it in my hands. I don't hate the smell but at the same time I don't like it too. It has light consistency, too light for skin moisturizing. Added to that, I didn't noticed any SPF label in the brochure they sent, meaning... it doesn't have. Though it contains grapefruit extract which is said to help protect the skin from sun damage, I think it isn't enough. It may be good for people living in a four seasoned country like Korea where they do not experience this scorching hot temperature we have here in Philippines.

Over all, its a good lotion. It is easily absorb by the skin and it doesn't leave any sticky residue when applied. I just don't think it suits for people like me living in a tropical country :) 

Nature Holic Body Wash in Grapefruit 300 ML

How to use: When you take a shower add a small amount to a wash cloth and rub the cloth to generate lots of rich suds. Caution: Please avoid delicate skin areas such as the eyes.

Comparing the two, the lotion and the body wash, I like this one better. I like how it gives a smooth and gentle feeling to my skin without leaving a sticky feeling on my skin. It easily gives off bubbles and you won't need a lot of it on every application. As you can see in the photo, I've used it quite a lot lately and its almost empty. It has a transparent and light consistency, perfect for a body wash. I've used several brands of body wash too, but this one is way different. It can be rinsed easily unlike other brands wherein you somehow used a lot of water rinsing yet you still feel very sticky as if the body wash isn't washing off of your body. I hope you get what I mean :)

Again, the labels and directions at the back should have been translated :)

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