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I've always been amazed with nail arts. Even before, during my *Tumblr era*. I've been reblogging tons of nail art photos on my blog. I've tried using a colorless nail polish before but I have been reprimanded by my Mom not to apply such things during my age, when I was around 10 yrs young. Since then, I've never had the chance and time to try doing nail arts. Besides, I don't really think I could and should apply nail polish especially now because of my course.Taking BS HRM has a lot restrictions, not to dye the hair (even some does), not to wear jewelries and nail polishes during laboratories (w/c we always do, almost every week right after were done with all the discussions).

I was contented with reblogging photos of wonderful nail arts on my blog, until now. Good thing Uniqso sent me a nail polish and a top coat to review all the way from Malaysia. I've been waiting for the package for about a month. If I didn't personally went to our local post office, I couldn't have had the package on me now, tsk. Its been years since I last tried applying nail polish, haaaay... such a newbie  :x  back to the topic, Uniqso sent me a AQmore nail polish and top coat. 

The packaging was bubble wrapped as well as the polishes itself. Thumps up! :) It was in good condition and I was so excited the moment I saw them. They come with a mini bag *i do not know what its called*

AQmore Peelable water based nail polish 8ml & Top coat in Shining Star 8ml

On the nail polish:

The fact that its peelable makes it an extraordinary nail polish. Its my first time to hear a peelable nail polish, maybe because we have nothing like this here in our place or maybe its just that I'm no expert with these things. It can be peeled by dipping your nails on a warm water for about 20 to 30 seconds using the finger nail tips like a mask. Aqmore products are dermatological tested by the SGS and FDA. Unlike many traditional nail polishes available in the market, AQmore nail polish is made up of natural ingredients which consists of about 50% water and it is chemical free with no acetone, toluene or formaldehyde making it good not only for the nails but also for the environment. Study shows that... "Traditional nail polish in the market usually eroded the enamel on your nails surface and caused many rough small pits on it, this is to make the nail polish last longer. However, the longer you use, the easier the pigment precipitates, and nails become dry and yellowish."

Honestly, I didn't like the smell of the water based nail polish the moment I opened it. I even emailed Uniqso asking if the nail polish is still in good condition and I came to know that its the normal smell, nothing is wrong with it. It doesn't really smell that good and it's too watery since its made up of mostly water. Its too light and it doesn't color much when applied. Not like what I expect it to be. Maybe because its mostly water so it doesn't color like the traditional polishes I see on stores. It colors differently when it dries up and honestly speaking, it peels off easily when its hit even with a not so pointed object and not to mention, even tap water.

On the Top coat:

I think I saw glitter polishes sold here in our place but I haven't tried them yet though I was always curious about how it looks on me :P It isn't water based unlike the nail polish and it smells like the ordinary polishes in the market. Maybe it doesn't contain any natural ingredients, hehe.. Anyway, it sticks on the nail way better than the nail polish and it has abundant glitters :)


 First attempt, I over applied the nail polish since I wanted it to color not knowing it gets darker (but still translucent) when it dries. I didn't really like the result plus when I tried washing my hands, the surface soften and crumbled so I decided to peel it off. 

Next attempt, I tried to apply the nail polish lesser and thinly to make it color like natural. The result was way better than the first I did. haha! I then applied the top coat to seal the nail polish.

I thought it was okay when I applied the top coat. I thought it would seal thoroughly the nail polish and that it would stick and wouldn't peel easily like before on my first attempt. So I took a bath, careful not to touch or hit my nails with pointed objects but it still crumpled and started to break on some areas. I peeled them off of my nails before proceeding on shampooing my hair. tsk

I don't really know but maybe I should have dried the polish well and waited for hours before taking a bath. Maybe its my fault. haaay. newbie, sorry for that :p but I enjoyed applying the polishes, I would try them again once I have another time :)

Thank you Unisqo for the nail polishes! <3
check out Uniqso too, they got tons of products at very reasonable prices:)



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Have a good night! :*


  1. lovely nails! Perfect for women.
    The polish reminds me of our painting lessons. But not with nails, of course. hehe. Have a great day!

  2. Hi dear :) you look so pretty hun1 what do you think of following each other? Let me know
    Keep in touch


  3. I too doesnt have any idea how does this water based nail polish works! because i've sleep with my dried nails after sealing them and yet it smudge at the side when i went to bath the next morning... im still wondering how does it really work.


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