Lace me up

I don't have much time to take photos for these wonderful lace dress that I got from Oasap so I grabbed the spare time I had yesterday to be able to blog this. There's just so many things to do yet time isn't enough. You know how hard it is to spend time taking photos despite of your busy day? taking photos with you yourself only (timer -yeah loser) and going out dressed up as if you're going somewhere else? I'm getting tired actually but then every time I got mails, I forget all those cons that I have to do as a blogger.

I didn't actually tried fitting the dress the first time I got it. I just looked at the mirror covering the dress on me as if I'm wearing it and I though it fits me really well. It fits me but a bit bigger than my size. The dress is really lovely, lace <3 

I paired the dress with the rings I got from Phrenzy, the necklace from DFab Shop and the large clutch that I won from a giveaway. As simple as that, after all "less is more" as what they say.

Cons. The inner -I forgot what its called- is very thin like it doesn't exist at all. I had to wear shorts coz its see through if you wouldn't double the inner. The buttons on the end part of the sleeves fell the moment I opened the package when I received it and then when I was taking photos, they all fell. Luckily, I noticed all of them so I was able to get them. Quality wise? overall is good. I didn't have any problems with the first two items I got from them. They're just buttons after all, I could sew them myself. Even though I'm not paying the items I got, how about those who really purchase? they deserve the highest quality of items from the shop. The point is... they should check the items and ensure the quality before they send it, just a suggestion :)

Moving on. I know that all of us girls, do not go out without putting any powder or make up on. Personally, I wear pressed powder and sometimes loose powder when I'm in a hurry. Powders helps us to create a flawless look on our face and at the same time, prevent oiliness. But re-applying powders/foundations every now and then might clog our pores and eventually lead to pimples. One thing to avoid this is to re apply powder less and use oil blotting papers. There are a lot of oil blotting papers in the market. Many use branded ones and some settle for the cheap. I use oil blotting paper as often as I could since I don't really have an oily skin. I often use blotting paper during parties and special occasions where I apply heavier make up and I excrete more oil and sweat. It really works! it gives you a fresher look unlike the cakey look that foundation usually gives.

Last week, I got the parcel from that I have been waiting for. is a US based online beauty and cosmetic shop which sells cosmetics, skin care products, hair products, accessories and many more which are imported from Japan. They got brands like BCL, Dolly Wink , Gatsby , Hadalabo, Kao, Kiss Me, Kracie, Koji, Kose, Lucido-L, Palty , Prettia , Shiseido and more on their store. I got an oil blotting paper from them. As far as I can remember, its my first time to use a japan made product. And when we say Japan made, we say its of high quality and premium durability. You can use the code  LOVEANDELEGANCE to avail 10%-20% discount on


The pack is very cute and the papers are hassle free. No need to open and close, just pull out the paper and then that's it. I tried it for days, in school, at home and everywhere. Love how effective it is, it absorbs oil leaving a shiny free and fresh face! *wink*

just ignore the eyebags!
Have a good night!<3


  1. That's a lovely dress!

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  2. Oooo such a pretty dress! Sell it to me once you get sick of it, please. :)

  3. Love your classy/ vintage dress! <3

  4. Ooh lovely dress <3 and perfect accessories to match! =)

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  5. very cute lace dress, you look amazing in it! xx

  6. cute dress <3



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