Bye Picnik

I have been a constant user of Picnik especially when my Adobe Photoshop license got some problems and I depended with picnik for quite some time because of that. Picnik was such a good companion in times when you really need some output quickly. It was very user friendly with a lot of options to be chosen from. That is why I was devastated when I heard about its upcoming closing and then yesterday, was its last day. Unfortunately, I just heard about this a while ago and I was kinda frustrated about it.

Anyhoo, even though its end has come, picnik didn't left us all hopelessly because they will be launching a new  photo editing site. It will be just like picnik but a faster one. Visit 

Aside from there's a bunch more of free photo editing sites that we could choose from. I just accidentally clicked something and then I was sent to Its simply like picnik, it has the same effects and frames but it has a very distinct environment, yet still user friendly. Sadly, a lot of effects will not be  free soon.


The never ending changes on my page. Sorry about that but I just can't figure out what design I want that's why I'm still in the process of trial and error. What do you think? is this good or the old one is better? And by the way, watch out for my first giveaway! :)) xo! :*


  1. I love this template more than the older ones! :)

    By the way, I have an award waiting for you here:

  2. First, thanks for dropping by on my blog. I really appreciate it. Your blog is stunning. It's easy on the eyes.

    Thanks for introducing the new photo editor. I actually tried it before commenting and the effects are really great. I used to edit photos on Picnik too.

  3. I love your new blog design! The lace background is so cute! By the way i nominated you for the versatile blogger award:-) xoxo


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