Best present I ever received

It has been so long after I posted my last entry for this blog challenge that I took around January of this year. Its been months since the last time and I almost forgot about it. I actually wanted to skip this part until time passed and I didn't notice the huge time I took to decide whether I'll skip this part or not. I do not really receive lots of gifts and I haven't also received something that I could consider as something great  that's why I am kinda hesitant about this. Knowing about all the entries to be made in this challenge, I took it so I must answer all of it. Who says presents are all material things right? Since I cannot really think of any gift as a best present, I would consider answering about the intangible things that I received from the wonderful people around me. Why not? 

As a normal person, of course I will be glad to be given such wonderful gifts on my birthday, Christmas or any day in a year. They have sentimental value to me and I really treasure those gifts most specially the one who gave it to me. But honestly, its not the gifts that I am really happy with, its the effort of the person who bought or personally made it. Knowing that there are people around you who are willing to spend their precious money to buy you gifts despite of the crisis the country is facing and especially those who really prepared and handily made such cute stuff is the most touching part. 

Thus, the best present I have ever received are the appreciation, thoughts, care and love from the people around me who have been with me both in my happiest and saddest moments, my friends, family and loved ones :) But I would not have all of this if not because of him <3 thank you Lord! :)

How about you.. what's the best present you ever received? I would be glad to hear them! :) feel free to post them below! I also want to thank the people who have been passing me a couple of awards, the Liebster Award, Versatile Blogger Award, etc. Thank you for the appreciation! :) and please watch out for my upcoming giveaway! 



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