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 Good afternoon :)) this post is totally random. I cannot post for each event so I'll be making this short. I've been so into the blog challenge that I forgot the things I supposed to blog. So first stop, last Jan. 27, 2012. The last day of our college's celebration for  foundation. With so much delays, the people behind the programs were bombarded with a lot of criticisms and complaints. I cannot blame them because the officers really seemed to be unready for the events on that day. A text message was spread that attendance will be checked at 6:30 so I went there around 7 and guess what... there were no officers, the stage was not even done, no signing of attendance and it did not seemed like a special event will be held. I should have eaten my breakfast if I had knew about it. So, I spend my very own money to eat my breakfast at the IDS canteen. The attendance and foot parade started around 8 am. The thing is, the whole stage and venue did not really look like a college event or something like that, it seemed like a barangay contest ! 

It was a gloomy day so I actually woke up late ending up going to school not eating breakfast and not taking a bath xD screw those irresponsible officers! okay.. so much about that. I accompanied him to buy usb connector for his phone. Went to the mall and other shop to find it and since they had no stock we end up buying it sa intsikan :P with a cheaper price. I just hope it would last long hahaha then ate at Jobbee as usual -.- then went home to take a nap and around 5 pm we went to our respective homes :)

-------------------------------------------- end ----------------------------------------------------

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! :) Jan. 28, 2012 .. Their 21st anniversary. It was a simple yet meaningful celebration. They had their brads and sis from CFC at home to celebrate with us and to give them blessings. It was my first time to witness how they worship God. It was weird but I didn't mind it xD what matters is that they're doing it sincerely no matter how weird or unusual they act or do things. So before their visitors arrived, we made some preparation.

 First to taste my Mom's spag! :)

My father's favorite dish.. Afritada :D
( My father cooks really good especially on main dishes)

 Mom's specialty, baking cakes :)

watermelooooon.. cleans the palette and is very much good for digestion :D


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