15 interesting things about yourself

-Made this post last night but this challenge is such a challenge for me since I really do not know what things about me are interesting. LOL.. Late post! sorry xD

Good evening! :)) Just a quick U turn from the subject... Today is my parent's 21st Anniversary :)) weeee! Thank you God for guiding my parents, making them away from temptations and diseases. More and more years for them and to our family! :) I'm gonna post tomorrow about this!

So back to the topic! This is my second post for the blog challenge. I just started it yesterday. I'm not gonna post everyday for this. It will be anytime as long as I can access internet which is basically whenever I'm home during weekend... but who knows? I may post during schooldays.Okay so let's get started!

-I love pasta.
Spaghetti is my favorite food. I often eat Jollibee Spaghetti whenever I have extra money xD and I super love my Mom's homemade spag.. The best! :D

-Feeling Singer!
I love to sing but the songs doesn't like me anyway xD But despite of that, I'm still hoping maybe one day.. char, haha I can really relate to Anne Curtis! She's just so lucky to have people around her who still appreciate and accept her despite of her flaws in singing. She's got oozing confidence!

- Not into raisins.
I just do not like to eat it. I do not really know why. My sister loves to eat this and I always give to her the raisins on my food especially on macaroons, macaroni salad and cookies! xD 

-I love anime. 
Watching anime has been my favorite past time since high school. I usually watch anime whenever I feel bored or whenever I want to take a break from school work and other problems. I super love my favorite anime character Saber :)) sooo kawaiiii! ^_^

- I do not like cats.
I'm not a cat hater first and for most. I find them really cute, well..some of them. But most of the time, I find them irritating. They're very noisy, they lay wherever, and I do not really like whenever their fur touches my skin, I get goosebumps ! -.-

- I love to cook.
I'm no expert in cooking nor master in this field. I just love to cook but I'm not good as much as other people do. My course really influenced me about cooking. I learned to love cooking because of my course and I really want to learn a lot more! I want to be good in this field and maybe one day who knows? I would be a chef of a famous restaurant or maybe on my own!

                                                                            - I love black.
Black is the new trend? maybe.. I find black really elegant and simple. Black looks good to any skin tone except for super black tone. And it's just so simple yet very elegant. I also love pink, white and blue :))

-Loves Chocolate.
Just as you, I love chocolates too! :)) although I often get tonsillitis. I love everything about chocolate! chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate bars, chocolate syrups and all.  

                                                    - Can't live without concealer xD 

I have deep and dark under eye circle that's why I really do not go out without putting any concealer on. I would look like zombie walking in the street If I don't put on any concealer. But when I'm at home, I do not put any make up on, only when I go out like in school or in the town. I envy those people who's eyes does not darken and deepen even when they sleep very late almost everyday. 

- I like Science.
Since elementary days, I have fallen in love with this subject. I'm not saying I'm good in this subject, what I mean is that I really find this subject very interesting. I like knowing and explaining why and how processes occurs and things exists.

- Currently liking lip products.
I do not exactly know when it started but I love to have a lot of lip essentials. Lip stick, gloss, tint, balm, etc. I want to have bunches of these in different colors! :D Although I do not constantly apply lipstick, I love to collect a lot of shades. 

- I don't like answering phone calls.
I find talking on the phone awkward and boring xD I prefer personal interaction than having phone calls, texts or chat. And one more thing... I find it very annoying especially when unknown numbers floods text messages and calls.

- I want to travel the world.
Despite of the hassle luggage and travel health problems like headache and others, I want to travel the whole world!! Someday.. when I get a stable job and I can afford to go to wherever places I want to. I want to travel with my family, I want them to explore the world with me. And someday with my own family too :)

- I want to try extreme sports adventures.
I have experienced what water rafting is like and I want to experience a lot more of extreme sports. I understand the risks but that's the exciting part about it. Being able to experience these once in a lifetime experiences will surely take a big part in my life. 

-I love reading blogs.
The first thing I do whenever I access the internet is to read blogs especially blogs of my friends and those that I follow :) I love to know how they've been doing and what's new with them. I also get new ideas of what to blog for the next days by reading other people's blog.


  1. nice one!..were opposite about spaghetti.hehe.:)

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  3. That "raisins stay out of my cookie" picture was really cute! And funny! haha, I hate raisins too!


    1. haha.. I got the pic through google search :D
      thanks for dropping by! :)


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