Interesting things about your family

I've been really thinking about skipping this one but I just though that if I skip this then I would fail in the blog challenge so.. I have no choice. It's not like I do not want to include my family in this blog but I just do not know what to write about this one.. Interesting things... hmmm. I even find the previous entry about interesting things about myself difficult how much more with my family.. 

okay so much for the rants and blah blah blah.. here it goes..

This is my very own family. We are five and we do no really have an official family picture xD but we 're actually planning to have one (Sorry for the photo above, I don't have a copy of our photo. That one's taken during my birthday) . We're just simple and moderate, not rich nor poor just in the middle. My parents are not really the barkada type. Yes, we always bond but not in the ways most of the parents do. My father is a very funny person but often times, we get mad at him because he's always at the backyard taking care of his beloved  roosters. On the other hand, my mom is a businesswoman which I think the reason why us her children are business minded too. She's engaged in a lot of direct selling companies including Natasha, MSE, Avon, Tupperware, Royale and a bunch more. 

My sister, Michelle or maxang is a 4th yr student at MSU-IIT taking up BS-Accountancy. She has brought a lot of pride and recognition to our family. Not to mention the Salutatory Award she brought when she graduated her secondary education and those honors she had in her lower years at school. My brother, John Rey or Jr for short. He's a very smart kid and in fact achieved a lot of recognition at school. But presently, he lost on track and became obsessed with online games. No matter what we say he won't listen. But we're still hoping he would realize what he's doing, hopefully soon. And yes, me.. I guess you already know me so I'm not spilling out more of me here.

Well, yes that's it! Nothing really interesting, just facts and some additional information :)) 
Till my next post!!!! xo.. <3


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