Trip To CDO! High Ridge

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Entrance way in High Ridge
The last stop of our trip was High Ridge. Sorry if it took me so long to finally finish this travel blog post (Sagpulon Falls, Ultra Winds Mountain Resort). I have been swamped with work and a lot of other stuff. But anyway onto this blog post... I have heard a lot about this restaurant from friends and have seen a bunch of photos online, and they all seem to like this place. This was my first time and I totally get why.
The view in High Ridge
High Ridge is located in the mountain top of CDO and going here is definitely a challenge. I'm not quite sure but I don't think there are jeepneys going here so you need to have a private vehicle or perhaps rent a taxi or habal-habal . It's quite the journey because the road isn't as pleasant as you think it would be but I must say, once you see the view you'll forget everything about you've been through going here. Just look at it.
The view in High Ridge
The view in High Ridge
The view in High Ridge
Group photo in High Ridge
We arrived here around 4-5pm. It looked gloomy like it was about to rain (thank goodness it didn't) and I don't know why the sky suddenly turned weirdly into blue. But I like it :)
Food in High Ridge
By the way, like Ultra Winds Mountain Resort we were also required to pay an entrance fee of 100php  per person (consumable of food and drinks). We ordered a bunch of food and we were making fun of how their cup of rice was shaped literally like a ridge. I couldn't resist taking a photo of it. lol But with all honesty, their food was great and affordable.
Us in High Ridge
Us in High Ridge
Didn't took a bunch of photos. We just enjoyed chit-chatting and eating together. Because tbh, it would take us perhaps another year to meet each other again. Anyway, I had a lot of fun and I couldn't wait for another great adventure with them :) Here's a travel video of the whole trip (please subscribe!)
 Thanks for reading! Have a great day ahead!

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