Person/s you want to exchange lives with for a day

11:38:00 PM

It's pretty late so let's get this started :) This is my 8th entry to the blog challenge. So who are/is the person/s I want to exchange lives for a day? I really do not have any idea at first but when I saw the commercial, I saw this very awesome woman. And I guess the answer for this entry would be Anne Curtis.

*credits to photo owner

She has achieved almost everything she want and dream of. A very good looking, talented, kind and blessed woman. Who would never want to try living a day in her place? I have seen her movies, from the child role she had up to the present. She takes risks and she has incredibly ooooooooozing confidence! and I envy her for that! :)

And when we talk about Hollywood artists, I say Emma Watson :) I love her since the day I saw her in the very first Harry Potter. She's very cute and lovely and amazing! It's very refreshing seeing her photos. And think about this, how come she never look like she's gaining age? She looks pretty much the same from the small Hermione I saw. I would love to experience being her for at least a day. I would love to!!!!

I think this is it. Either of the two LOL :D :D I would never complain. They're both amazing in their own ways. What ya' say??? Who is/are the person/s you want to exchange lives for a day? I would love to hear it from you <3

It's getting really late and I have to wake up early tomorrow for the mass. I got to go now guys! I promise to post another entry for the challenge tomorrow. See ya! Good night! xooooo! :*

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  1. hi sweetie,
    i adore emma watson too!but i want to exchange live with paris hilton. not for a day, but for-ever!!!!!! lol
    really. i want to be paris hilton because she is beautiful and fashionable, rich and adorable, yeah she has everything.

    1. She's indeed fashionable :))i like her too but not really that much :)

  2. I want to be bill gates! And within that day where I get to exchange lives with him, I'll transfer a few million dollars from his bank account to my bank account. :)

  3. i'd love to exchange lives with Anne Curtis too. I wanna try out every endorsement product she has! (especially all those shoes that she wears in Showtime everyday!!! envy much!)

    1. So we're the same! :)) good to hear that! Thanks for dropping!

  4. Uhm, I would like to exchange with PNoy. I wanna step down from the president's seat. Reason? I think you know. :)

    1. I know some but I'm not really that eager to put him down on his current position. He's not really doing that good but at least he's trying :) and let's just give him some more time to show what he can do but I'm not really sure until when he could prove his worth... hmmm. I just hope he can before the people takes action and bombards him with protests.


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