Far place/s been to so far.

This is actually the 10th entry and I skipped the 9th since it was just the same with the 8th. Okay so lets get this thing started! :)) I haven't really been to far places and I'm not sure if the places that I've been to are far enough for this blog challenge :) So here are the places I've been to for the past 18 years.

First of, CDO. I have been there for countless times since its very near from here. We often go there during Christmas or New Year. The picture above was during our Biology Trip in CDO. Cool huh? White water rafting :) love it!

In the same trip, we went to Bukidnon :) Stayed at Edlimar Resort and had a visit at Waig whatever xD I forgot where it was.

Went at Zamboanga del Sur last 2009 for our family reunion.It was good and I like the place. So relaxing :)

Bohol :) That was during our field trip last 2010. Had a great day that day. Strolled Bohol with friends :) Jump shot! 

The same trip with that when I went to Bohol. The photo was taken at Mactan Shrine. I had the chance to live temporarily at Cebu when I had my OJT. Stayed there for almost two months but I haven't really had the chance to roam around Cebu.I guess I'm still a stranger there after all.

I guess these are the highlights. I have really been to other places like Ozamis, Molave, Pagadian and the rest of them at the bottom part of Mindanao but the ones posted above were the places that had marked on me. I really want to travel to a lot of places but for now, I'm not yet earning my own money so I can't really travel on my own. Somehow.. hopefully in the future I can go wherever I want to and if possible, I want to travel the world! xD sounds ambitious right? :p whatever. Have any suggestions?? on where would I visit first in the near future? :P Leave some comments below.. I would love to give and take ideas from you:) Thanks!! 

Have a blesses week ahead guys!!! and by the way.. Happy Sunday! :)


  1. Good luck on your next travel! I think everyone wants to travel the world. Just be sure to materialize your ambition, that's the challenge! :)


  2. Such a great post, love all the photos here :) Mind to follow each other? ^^

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