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So I'm up to my 3rd answer to the blog challenge. Nicknames, and why do I have those. Well, as far as I can remember... I only have three names which my family and friends use to call me and the rest of it were just results of teases.

First was Pirot. I'm not sure of the spelling but that was what my parents and cousins used to call me when I was a small small kid. According to them, I was so cute when I was a kid and so they made that name for me xD 

The second one is Emiat / Miat. I do not know when it started. I do not really like this name but I prefer to be called Emiat rather than that of Pirot :p it's such a weird name. Since I was a kid up to now, my friends and family calls  me in this name. Mostly, when ones nickname is Em, it usually becomes emiat or something like that. Most of my close friends use this name to call me, others aren't comfortable in this name so they call me on my real name.

Then the third is Em-em / Em. This is my real nickname :p Among these three, I prefer to be called out with this name. It's a shortcut to my name which is Emmerey. Most of the people calls me Em or Em-em rather than emiat or miat. Either of the two (em2x or emiat), I appreciate it as long as not pirot or any other name. 

Anyways. I wanna greet you a Happy Sunday :) I hope you have a great Sunday this week and I hope you attended the mass today :) God Bless and take care readers! xo! <3

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  1. Emmerey is such a beautiful name. I call my friend Emerald Emeri just coz it has such a beautiful ring to it. If I ever meet you, I wouldn't create a nickname out of your name at all. :) Haha. Just saying!

    1. awww.. thanks! :))
      Emmerey is actually a combination of my parent's names :)

  2. Dear miss em, i love to see ur eyes..reminds me to my ex gf :P

    Thanks coz following my unusual and zanny blog ..LOL

    1. LOL. no worries :) I find your blog really unique so I followed..

  3. is this picture taken from your house or from your boarding house?

  4. love the colour of these jeans!!!


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