Habit/s that you wish you didn't have.

Boooooring afternoon! :p Just finished the Philosophy prelim exam so I'm back to the usual routine.. yes,  lazy days where I do not really have any idea of what to do and if I find something, after that.. i'm back again, bored as hell. So to give myself a break, unlisurf for 1 day :) And so I'm now up to my 4th entry to the blog challenge! 
I actually have a lot of answers for this entry. Most of them or I think all of them are just the same on my 2012 resolutions. 

Laziness to the nth power. I always fail to do the things I should do. Especially when it comes to study time, I always feel at ease of having other time in doing my homework and studies. I always say "unia na lng" and I end up doing things in the 11nth hour. I really wish I didn't have this habit. I've been like this since I was a kid and I know this is really difficult to eliminate but I've been telling myself to overcome this and I'm still  trying. 

Sleeping Late. I do this almost everyday and as a result, I find myself yawning several times in classes and yeah.. dark under eye circles. It started when I moved here at Racs together with my sister. I want to sleep early but it's my body that won't rest. My eyes won't really fall of and my mind keeps on bugging me with loads of stuff. It's like my body has been routined and  is very difficult to adjust. I lay around 9 pm but I end up sleeping almost 12. So I take milk every night to help me fall asleep faster and vitamins to guard me against effects of sleep deprivation.

"I can't remember". I always commit this because I don't often take note or give attention to things and so I end up forgetting a lot especially those that are very much important like appointments and vitamins. This is became my habit ever since and I wished I really did not have this. I'm really trying to avoid this so I decided to have a mini notebook where I list the things that I should do like assignments, even list of debts, orders, etc. I have a mini planner too :))

Not washing my face. Because I always forget to wash my face a few minutes right after I arrived home I end up unwashing my face at all since I cannot wash my face after the things I've done like facing the computer or TV and reading books or notes. I prefer not to wash my face than  to damage my eyes. 

I know I have a lot more to add here but I cannot really remember or think of them right now. I didn't planned this post so I'm not really ready xD The above mentioned are just the major things which I think are the most important to be highlighted for this entry.

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  1. me guilty sa 1,2 and 3 but vanity cured me from the 4th one. :)

    yep. MSU-IIT. second year MSIT.

    and i think you have a classmate hu knows me so please dont tell her about my blog. :(

    1. MSIT?
      ... sure :)) me either, I don't like my friends or those people who know me to discover this blog.

    2. and you don't really look like your sleep deprived :D

    3. MSIT is Master of Science in Information Technology. post grad. but i look, think, and act waaaaay younger than my age. and yeah. i'm sleep-deprived. dili obvious sa pics i think because of the make-up or because it was edited sa picnik.

      hehe. lage. let us have privacy sa atong blogging kay hadlok na ma.kanchawan. basin ma.discourage pa ta.

    4. wow... I know IT is not an easy subject.. way way difficult from mine :x

      mao jud2x! :D

  2. Overcome laziness by focusing on your ambitions. The rest will follow, I assure you. :)


    1. Yes, you're right...it's not really easy but I'm doing my best. I always put it in mind, not to be lazy and something like that. It's working. I just hope I can maintain and hopefully get rid of it in my system xD

      Just followed you a few hours ago.. I didn't expect you would visit my blog, Thanks anyway! :)

    2. Start with a single step and the whole picture comes. Focus unto something and laziness will be a no-go. Or perhaps, find an inspiration. It really helps. :)

      Followed you as well. :D

    3. Thanks!!! i'll surely take your tips! especially the "find an inspiration"! :D :D

    4. I, too, don't have any inspiration. Hahahaha! Unlucky me. :)


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