Hong Kong Disney Land Adventure

A week after our exciting Siargao adventure, my boyfriend and I had an amazing time in Hongkong together with our college friends :) It was a well-planned trip that we booked early this year, thanks to their help.  Although I've been to Malaysia a few years ago for an internship, going abroad to tour and have fun is a much more exciting and different experience. Especially with my boyfriend and friends around. To simply put it, it was a very memorable experience I will cherish forever.

Fun fact! My boyfriend and I almost didn't get passed through immigration because we both don't have conventional jobs. We are both Virtual Assistants. Aside from that, I didn't bring my old passport and the immigration officer questioned me about my entry to Malaysia a few years ago. He then asked me with whom am I traveling with. He even asked for old photos of my boyfriend and I proving that we've been together for 9 years. Imagine that!? It was a HOT SEAT!

But everything was all worth it because we've all enjoyed the trip. And personally, my favorite of the whole 5 days trip was our first day which was in Disneyland!

Here are a few shots of our fun and amazing Disneyland experience.

We took the train early in the morning and we were all smiles on our way to Disneyland. We arrived even before Disneyland opened! That's how excited we were! And the moment we arrived, we immediately took LOTS of photos.

This trip was extra special because it was my boyfriend and I's celebration of our 9th anniversary together. Never did I imagine of touring abroad together this year.

Disneyland was surely picture perfect! You'd want to strike a pose in every corner because it's so cute! I love their Christmas decorations all over the place. ughhhhh... the Christmas feels!

Probably one of the best parts of our Disney experience is the Lion King performance. It was lit! Everyone sang and dance beautifully. I love their vocals! They all sang live!

Meeting Woody from the movie Toy Story was also one of the highlights of my Disney experience. He was super fun and game to take pictures with us. I was smiling from ear to ear!

The Iron Man Experience was also something you should NOT miss in Disneyland. It was the first one we went to and it definitely started our day right. It was AWESOME! Probably the best 3D I've had my entire life.

I also fell in love with Mystic Manor. It was an awesome ride with super cool effects! You'll be very amazed beyond expectations!

The last rode we went to was the Space Mountain. At first, I thought it was another 3D experience like Iron Man but I was shocked to see that it was an indoor roller coaster -like ride. It was one hella ride! I could even only remember bits of memories from that super fast ride. I lost my energy right after. What an epic way to end our Disneyland adventure!

Those were my favorite rides from all the rides we tried. Here are some cool photos I feel like I need to show. They are just so memorable.

We watched their spectacular parade just before they close down for the day. They usually have grand fireworks every end of the show but they discontinued it since last year. Too bad.

We went from their opening hours at 10AM up to 8PM, their closing time. What a day it was. I felt like I gained some leg muscles from walking all day long. My feet started aching and we all immediately laid down on our beds the moment we arrived at our hotel. We were all tired but at the same time happy.

Disneyland was definitely a great experience. I must say, it was the best part of our HongKong trip!


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