Dahilayan Adventure Park

Hey guys! If you read my previous post about my Anicycle experience, you probably know that my friends and I went for an adventure a couple of weeks back. After that crazy Anicycle ride, we went ahead to our main destination,  Dahilayan Adventure Park. 
Been wanting to visit this place ever since I heard about it but I never had the chance to until my friends and I decided to  head up there. It was my first time and I was amazed to be honest. It wasn't just some kind of cheap adventure park. It was highly maintained and well organized. I also love the fact that despite the heat of the sun, the surrounding felt fine. It wasn't hot nor too cold. I just love their weather!

We wouldn't be leaving without having to take some photos of the beautiful place!
The anicycle ride got me going crazy so for Dahilayan, I decided to just chill and try the LUGE. I was at first hesitant about it because I'm never good with driving. I even suck at car games! sand the track at Luge was kind of downhill so I was a bit hesitant if I can drive well. But I wrong all along! it was so fun and chill! even kids can ride on it so when I knew about that I calmed down and decided to try the ride right away! and it was the best decision I did. haha! 
Overall, it was such a fun-filled day! We got to visit three wonderful destinations in one day. It was so worth the time and money! and it was even more fun because I was with my friends. I will definitely go back to these places one day with my family.



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