Thrift Haul

How are you guys!? it's the final week of the semester which basically means, loads of exams and case studies. I am literally struggling right now. Hence, if you notice I've been missing in action for the past weeks. I have a lot to blog but I have no time to do the pre-blog post activities- picture taking, draft and all that stuff. Also, my lovely sponsors have sent me gorgeous items! and I love them to bits! I don't want to sacrifice the content just to have something to blog especially with my sponsored posts because they deserve great reviews. So I decided to take time and let the finals week pass before I go ahead and make my blog posts.

Anyway, so much about that. Christmas parties are all around the corner and its the perfect time to dress up. Our Christmas party will be Winterwonderland and so we need to wear a winter inspired outfit. Its quite difficult to find winter clothes here in my place because again, we don't experience winter. But good thing, thrift shops are everywhere! I found gorgeous sweaters that I could potentially use for the party.
I don't have a full individual photos of each but I guarantee they're all lovely! quality is still good and they don't feel that hot when worn. Also, I bought them for only 30Php each! what a steal right?! <3 


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