Fashion Haul: Denim Skirt and Slip On Shoes from Yoins

I am pumped to blog! Finals just ended and I am VERY HAPPY and relieved! I won't be stressed anymore with exams and projects! phew!

I got these lovely items a couple weeks ago but haven't had the time to write about it. I was super happy when they asked me to select items from their site to try on. I've been wanting to have these babies and now I already have them! all thanks to Yoins! :) 

If you've been around the internet the whole day of everyday, or if you're a Hollywood fashion follower then you will know the denim skirt trend. This denim skirt  has been trending for quite a time now. I have seen celebrities local and international , and also Youtubers rocking this skirt! Good thing, Yoins have this lovely A-Line High Waist Denim Skirt at their site.  I will be posting a separate outfit post for this :)

Another thing that I've been wanting in like forever is this cool pair of Black Snake Print Slip On shoes! I absolutely love this trend! I've been dying to grab a pair but its just not available from where I live. That is why I felt intense when I got the package. Good thing I ordered the right size and that it fits me like it's really made for me! 

The last thing I got was this cute bohemian Multi-chain Hand Harness. I'm not really the hippie girl but this accessory is just so cool for me not to grab one! I mean, who can't resist this gorgeous creation!?

These babies set my Christmas holiday spirit on! All thanks to Yoins who sent me these lovely babies! Go check them out guys!


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