Snapmade Customized Grey Jacket!!

Not that I'm excited for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. I just literally don't have any other title in mind. lol  Anyway, I am so glad to finally have this lovely grey jacket in hand! Our local post office always have the most delayed service ever! a single parcel takes more then a month to reach here. And what's worst is that it takes a lot more delayed unless you personally update the parcel every week at the post office. I always pick my package because it might take 2 months or so if I'll just wait for the post man to deliver it straight right in front of our door step. So yeah, sorry for my rant.

Anyway, I always try to not mind their whole delivery process because I always end up happy once I open all my packages. And I'm so glad to finally get my Snapmade customized grey jacket! so lovely!

All thanks to Snapmade! the whole design process was super easy and very accurate too! I super love how my design turned out. It's exactly how I imagined it and how it looked on the screen. I love how the grey and pink complemented each other. Aside from that, I'm also very happy that the #21 was just on the right size. Not too big nor too small.  And quality wise, superb! super comfy and smooth on the skin

I got no one to take photos of me so----- time to take selfies hahahahha!

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