Beauty Review:Revlon's Grow Luscious Plumping Waterproof Mascara

Mascara will always be one of my staples. Aside from concealer, I adore the use of mascara as it immediately gives me a more awake look. It's definitely an on-the-go item that I can wear alone when I don't have enough time to pamper myself. Don't you agree?

I usually don't stick to one brand as I tend to switch and test which brand really works best for me on a certain make up item. In short, I try a lot of items before settling to one that I'm sure would work best. Hence, my beauty reviews posted here on the blog. And speaking of reviews, today I'm reviewing Revlon's Grow Luscious Plumping Waterproof Mascara.
It's sleek and attractive. Love the gradient effect of the silver to green. Just stunning.

Just like other mascaras sold in the market, it has that weird smell I can't even explain.

Most people say that the wand really matters. I'm not sure but I think yes, it does matter. But aside from it, the formula too matters.

I can certainly wear mascara everyday! in fact, I wear mascara most of the time when I go out of town. I feel incomplete without it to be honest. It's because a coat or two will really change and brighten up the look. To show you what I am talking about, here are some shots to prove it.

One thing I always experience during application is it always tend to touch my lids not matter how I lean. But it's just minimal. Anyways, I top it of with eyeliner or just swap a cotton bud to get rid of it. Now, moving on. This mascara works just as right. It gives my lashes enough length and volume with two coats. I don't usually like to add 3 or 4 coats as the lashes tends to stick together. Also, it flakes after an entire day outside but very minimal. As claimed, it is indeed waterproof. In fact, it's hardly comes off when I wash my face. I have to wiggle gently to get rid of them. I end up looking like a panda afterwards because it's really difficult to remove. I have to use makeup remover for it to come off.

I got it on sale for P250. Not sure on its original price though. But I think the P250 I spent to buy this mascara is worth it. It's already a steal. 

Would I repurchase?
Maybe yes, maybe not. Depends if it's on sale. If not, I still have to evaluate the original price if its worth the penny. But if its available again for P250 then why not?


  1. this looks great, i want to try a new mascara so i might give this a go x


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