Beauty Review: NIVEA Fruity Shine Lip Balm

Can you feel the cold Christmas air? coz I do! I'm broke but still excited. I can spend it at home with my family! Last year was a bit lonely. Though I was with my friends the feeling was still a bit different like something's missing. Obviously from the photos below, you can tell how happy I am for the coming Christmas.  

I'm back with another beauty review! I haven't done this for quite some time and now I am super happy to finally have something to

I've been using Maybelline lipbalm ever since I started with make up but when my last balm got used up, I decided to try another brand. So when I saw this Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Strawberry I immediately took and bought it (from Watsons) without reading the description and other information. Nivea is a well known brand and so far, I haven't heard any bad reviews about it so I didn't hesitated to try it out.

Packaging wise, nothing too fancy and attractive. I love how simple it looks and how the container is durable enough that it can be placed inside a bag full of other stuff. Also, the container is a bit bigger than the Maybelline that I've been using. 

Of course, it smells like strawberry! love the scent! No noticeable synthetic smell.

Color, Pigment & Texture:
I love how it can give me that natural and soft looking lips. Pigment as expected from balms, it is opaque but still noticeable once applied. But beware as it can look very greasy if you apply too much. A swipe or two is already enough. 

It is easily applied. A coat or two is more than enough. It gives me that natural plump looking lips. Lasting hours however is quite disappointing. It easily dries resulting with chapped lips. I don't know why my lips are chapped after two hours. Maybe I'm just dehydrated or I eat the balm easily as I have this habit of moisturizing my lips with my tongue every now and then (you know what I mean?). I even don't use it these days as I observe that my lips are better without it. 

Overall, this balm for me is a bit disappointing as it didn't gave me the moisture I expected. I don't know but maybe it works for you. Depends maybe on the person? idk but I'm definitely switching back to Maybelline :)

Have you used any Nivea Lip Balm? If you did, please let me know and tell me about your experience with them. I'd like to know if it only happens to me or what.
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