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 We were not allowed to have colored nails on my previous work. One thing I was looking forward whenever my boss was not around or on leave was painting my nails. Being unemployed like now is sad but it gave me this freedom. lol I'm currently enjoying my time at home while my classes haven't started yet and while I'm still looking for work opportunities. 

I'm totally a newbie on everything about nail polishes. I started this liking when I was in Cebu where I met a super awesome friend. She could basically put up her own salon! she can do pedicure, manicure, massage, hair cut and a lot more! It was like salon at home! we were many on cue along with my boardmates though. She also has work so in times when I needed some retouching and she's unavailable, I do it myself. No choice!

Now, I have a growing collection of different nail colors! chos! I love to mix and match them with the season or outfit depending upon the mood.
Got this baby on sale at Beauty Bar and fell in love with the color! super yummy and cute. I did my hands and feet matchy with it. 
Love my skull ring from Rings&Tings and how it matches well with my Parisian gladiator sandals :)
No ootd for now though. Maybe next time? 

I know the most basic about application of polishes. Here is a very good tip that I got  from Julep that I thought of sharing with you guys. They have this mini tutorial on how to prep your nails before applying colors. You know, you gotta take care of your nails as much as your hair!

Julep has a lot of awesome colors in their site! Below are just some of those. Check their  Julep polish color page to see 200 of these pretty shades!

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  1. beautiful colors...i didn't know these products

  2. ang ganda nung pagka-purple <3
    anyway, Golden Brown :)) Ito yung link ate em: http://www.cchairextensions.com/18-inch-golden-blonde16-clip-in-hair-extensions-120g-p-1256.html

    xoxo, rae

  3. Haven't tried any products from Julep but that UBE color is so beautiful! :D


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