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Let's take a break form being on a hurry overcoming backlogs and review responsibilities. Today I am sharing my favorite past time which is visiting online pages of my favorite online personalities. I like scanning their pages because it gives me such inspirations throughout the day and I learn quite a lot from them too!

If you're a fan of Youtube and you are much into beauty and fashion like me, then you might already know these two Youtube Goddess!

The very famous and creative Michelle Phan. She rose to fame because of her beauty videos which inspired and helped a lot of girls to be their own make up artist. Aside from beauty she also has a couple of videos to help girls to be more confident, self motivated and overall enhance their inner beauty. Which is really inspiring right? She has another Youtube Channel for that which she calls FAWN (For All Women Network) Her personal Channel now has crazy 6Million subscribers! and Aside from those awesome achievements, her biggest one is owning her own make up brand! which she calls EM, a reflection of me, you, us!
Teen-spiration Bethany Mota. She's what every teen wants to be. Cool, hip, stylish and well, pretty! she makes the coolest, cutest and probably the funniest videos. Her videos are more into her daily routines, looks, diys and whatever every teenager does! she has more than 6Motavators(what she calls her subscribers) and she now has her own clothing, perfume and home decor line tied up with Aerospostal. How cool is that? :)

Well, I am also very into music and I love listening to covers on Youtube! I have lot of favorite artists but the top ones are:
These duo always make great music! Sam Tsui has one of the most versatile voice and Kurt Scheneider has the amazing instrument skills. They make great music together which led them touring the whole world!
Christina Grimmie. I've seen her videos before she joined X-factor last year. from her  rocker-emo look when she was 14 until now that she grew as a lady. She joinedX-factor last year and she was everyone's favorite. She made it to the top four. Though she didn't won, she was able to capture everyone's heart with her powerful and high pitch voice.
These twin duo Janice and Sonia (Jayesslee) captured everyone's heart with their soft, cool and refreshing covers. Their Youtube covers has reached more than 10M each! imagine that? they've declined label offers as they want to keep simple life, freedom and their own music. Sad to say they have been on hiatus for almost a year. They're busy with their own lives especially Sonia who married last year and just had her baby boy! :)

Well, so much for international scene. Let's go on to our very own local personalities.
My very favorite TEAM KRAMER! I am such a fan of this awesome and happy family. Doug and Cheska's kids(Kendrasuperstar, Scarlettdoll and Gavincredible) are the most adorable kids and they make the cutest family pictures ever! I just saw them yesterday when they had a meet and greet and gosh! there were so many people that I couldn't even see them! Though I was super far, glimpses of them in person already made me happy and completed my day! :) Scarlettdoll is my super favorite!

I have a lot more people to share to you but I think these are pretty much my top favorites currently :)
I don't know but they really inspire me in such a way I can't explain. Anyways, I know you have your favorite inspirations too. Comment them below so I can take a look at them too! 


  1. KENDRA! <3 haha. so cute. :-)
    i recently (by this, i mean a few days ago) discovered Michelle Phan through bloglovin; read her blog and watched a few of her youtube videos and i fell in love instantly. :)))


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