Beauty Review: Maybelline Pure Concealer

If you'll ask me what make up product I couldn't live without, it would definitely be concealer. I do not often get breakouts and acne but one major thing I am not confident is my dark under eye circles. I have quite high cheek bones and round eyes - these features makes my eyes look deeper, creating a dark shadow under my eyes making it more tired looking. Added to that is my lack of sleep on almost all the time. I really find it hard to control myself to surf the net before going to sleep. Though I feel sleepy, I keep on scrolling and scrolling on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube every night.

It's hard to counter act those bad habits and even though I'll make up for the hours I lack in sleeping, this will not make my eyes look more awake on a span of time. And so here's where concealer takes action. To hide this imperfection. I've been using concealers for quite some time. Mostly, I use concealer sticks from Avon, F21 and etc. 

Recently, I've been using Maybelline's Pure Concealer and I'm really glad about this purchase because it works wonders! hiding my under eye circles really well.
Packaging & texture:
Nothing really special on the packaging I must say. I got the #02 shade and it matches my skin pretty well. It has a soft creamy texture that blends well. 

The shade I chose is not too light or dark to my skin. It has this kind of orange-y color but blends pretty well on the skin once pat till dry. It hides well my under eye circles. 

So this is what I look like on mornings, whether I had a long or short sleep. Puffy eyes!
Anyway, these are areas where I most need concealer- under eyes and some blemishes.

I bought it at Watsons for around 400php something. A bit expensive for this tiny little tube but worth every penny. I would really recommend this to those who have under eye circle problems like mine. 

Would I Repurchase?

Have a greaaat day!


  1. Awesome review! I wanna try it.. :)

  2. I haven't seen it in my country, but if it's in, I'll try it!
    thanks for the review tho! :D


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