Sunday Florals

It's been a while. I quite miss this. Even though the awkward poses still haven't change, or gotten even But it's good to be able to blog another outfit for you guys (well if you're still there).

Sundays has always been special to me since time in memorial for it means family day and church day. Its that time of the week where we tend to relax and unwind from the busy week we had or will have. The perfect time to reflect to oneself and to our deeds. Take time to reflect even once in a while. Evaluate yourself, note your flaws and mistakes, reflect to them and think how you should have done it or what you should have to do. Think of your family, friends, loved ones. Think of happy thoughts. Let go of the problems and stress, be it work or school or anything else. Surrender everything to God. Ask for guidance, protection, blessings and thank him for everything. We wouldn't be alive and kick'n without him. He's our savior and more than anyone, he loves us truly. He died to let go of our sins and even if we go a different path, he'll always be there saving us- ready to forgive and give us second chances. All we just need to do is pray. Talk to him. Heart to heart. Have you tried? it feels really good, refreshing and you'll feel like you're floating in clouds and bubbles- that light feeling. Oh gosh... I love it.

Wore this lovely dress from Chicnova (product link here) last church day, I was with my cousin and her friend.I haven't been to church with someone dearest to me for the last months so I was really excited. I haven't had a meal the whole day of sleeping and I directly went to church. Got some snack then we headed on to the mass.

Ordered this dress a few days ago and here it is now, I'm wearing it. Super fast shipping , very good quality, and style wise: there's nothing like it. The print is so dainty and the ruffles made it even more feminine. It comes with a super cute belt which is pretty durable! compared to other brands, their quality is really good! you won't see a thread sprouting at the ends of the cloth and their free accessory (the belt) isn't thin and cheap looking. So thumbs up to Chicnova for the quality, design and fast shipping!!
I feel like my foot looks weird in here. lol
Maybe I should do this shot more. My face looks slimmer here. lol

We then watched X-Men Days of Future Past after the mass and it was awesome!!! Super. 
It was a fun day. But maybe next Sunday, I'll go home directly. I'm sticking to the budget now.. well, still trying. hahahhaa

God Bless Us


  1. You have cute dimples just like my elder daughter. Thanks for visiting my blog dear. Happy weekend! :)

  2. Love the dress, its very pretty :)

  3. that is such a pretty dress, and i love how you styled it!


    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
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  4. I had to agree with Pink Magaline, your dimples are so cute! I wish I had one! haahah! anyways, the dress is nice, it's very comfy to wear. perfect for summer. i love how you accessorize it with your belt

  5. I love that dress on you,
    it's so chic.
    so perfect for our warm weather.

    Ms. Kei

  6. Simple and chic!! :)))

  7. I love your dress! Perfect for the crazy Manila heat! And you have the cutest dimple!

    x Francesca of


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