Oh Boy!

My comfort get up - oversized shirt, jeans and shoes. This combo never fails me in days when I feel really lazy to mix and match outfits. One thing I've also been kind of like nowadays is folded pants. I like the casual and carefree vibe it gives to an outfit. It makes the jeans look different from the usual.
And because I just recently got this Kooes top from the mail, I decided to wear and pair it with a cute polka pants and white comfy loafers from Eazyfashion to balance the edgy top.
too overwhelmed with the cuteness and stacked everything at once here.LOL
Please excuse my silly face there btw. Anyways, I love stacking rings and these tiny gold ones are just so cute to not flaunt!
Checked Aeropostale in Ayala and viola! just take a look at their huge lovely mirror. You really can't resist taking a selfie over this corner with its perfect lighting and lovely  white painted walls. Too bad I forgot I had white plastic bag hanging on my hand when I took this photo. But nevertheless, I love their items! If they were not that pricey, I could have definitely purchase a lot from there. But well I guess its a blessing in disguise  after all-- for me to not lavishly spend my small money. lol

Its almost end of June and I am really eager for cold nights, light rains and cold cold air to come so I can finally enjoy sipping a cup of coffee or two, or maybe just going to sleep comfortably and most off all so I can wear my sweater weather outfits! *wink

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Till my next post!
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