Laid back days

I've gotten round. Haha! well, based on what they say. My appetite just went too far the past weeks after my graveyard shift and I just couldn't help my self with foods, lots of foods! My face looks rounder, almost the same when I was in Malaysia last year. 

 I sported a simple monochrome look with this cute tote bag that I got from RoseGal last week. I wore a Bench top paired with Gap houndstooth leggings and a cute simple sandals that I got from the crazy sale at Metro last year. A very laid back outfit perfect for lazy days. I really find leggings and oversized shirt the most comfy outfits ever. I can move around without bothering whether my tummy is bulging, etc. 

And yes, I got my hair colored if you've noticed in the past posts. Its on one of the shades of ash brown, a bit darker. I got colored since January which I forgot to mention about.What 'ya think? :)
The bag is a bit bigger than I expected but I love the sleek and simple design. The creamy color and the cute tassel makes it look really elegant plus the cute pouch that comes with it. Perfect for work! (see product details here)

Have a great day!


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