Valentines Date

I was out for a month, again!(and again, and again, and again!) Yes, a month! Call me lazy if you want but I really lost the time to blog since I got busy with too many things. And for that, I got a lot of pending posts to blog. Sorry for the backlogs guys especially to those who sent me items. I will blog them soon! one at a time :)

So much for the "reasoning out", I missed blogging what I did last Feb.14, the highlight of the month! So here it is. I have a couple of phone shots during our quick midnight snack during that special day.

We went to Sunday2PM Cafe at Sarrosa International after my shift around 10:30 pm. "Pahabol" date ika nga. We only had an hour to savor the very cute, cozy and korean-inspired mini cafe. It's a 5-10 minute walk  from where I live so its really accessible, at least for me lol.
Isn't the cafe cute? noticed those sticky notes posted on the walls? they're all written by their lovely customers.Every customers can write whatever and how many they want  to post. Just imagine how many had been here and how many memories this cafe treasures. Heartaches, love, joy and a lot of emotions; you can read them all in the four corners of this cute cafe.

And they also take photos on each of their customer tables :) sweet isn't it? If you've been here, you will have your shot too. They will upload them on their Facebook page!

Since it was almost midnight, we decided to take small snacks so we ordered these :)
I love their Blueberry Frappe! :)
Oreo "something" Frappe :) hahaha I forgot the name!
*forgot as well* 

Selfie time! <3


So that was how I spent my valentines day. How was yours? :)



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