I attended my cousin's debut last Sunday. It isn't normal for my family to celebrate as big as this one in any birthdays, anniversaries or any family gathering and occasion. Its once in a blue moon so we all went and supported my cousin (she requested to have this big celebration and so she saved and haven't celebrate her previous birthdays for this one.) Her theme was fairy-tale thus the big fairy wings she has on :) Its like the one of Celine (in Ina, Kapatid, Anak series) which is her personal favorite. The celebration was held at Blue Jay, a new mini resort located in Linamon Lanao del Norte.

Her debut wasn't that big compared to the ones I attended(my friends') before but its my family's first so we all went and celebrated with her. They personally made the invitations, program and the rest of the preparations.
Me trying to look calm while having my greetings for her in her 18 candles segment.

We were really close way back.  I had most of my childhood memories with her. I remember her visiting my sister and I in our house since we're not really allowed to roam and play outside for most of the time. We often play "balay-balay, luto-luto" and all other girly games before. She even was our frequent visitor when we moved here in Ditucalan. But I guess, time flies really fast. People grow and often times we miss to keep in touch and bonds get farther. That's life. But despite of that, we're cousins; the memories we had and the blood that runs in us would never change and will never fade. We'll always be here for each other.
That's my Mama  by the way :)

My cousin (who considers herself a grown up) LOL so I put some make up on her and had her use my floral crown since it suits her more. hehehe :3

The food was served right after the 18 roses and it was a good timing since we were already hungry and I really needed some carbo to go through my lines for my speech. lol The party resumed for the 18 candles, 18 treasures, some trivia questions, dance numbers and some funny games. I swear, her classmates and friends were really game! Good thing they didn't called me to participate . hehehe or else... it would have been a nightmare for me. ahhaha I don't dance by the way :3 hehe

So we had photos taken right after the program and then some chitchat.

Our mini family photo :) many are missing since they're far away. Some are working, taking reviews, etc.
 Me Time. lol
I borrowed the wings. hehehe , after I had my photos taken, the rest also borrowed the wings. suyaon. hahahaha joke! They took my floral crown.. as if its part of the props. Hey its mine btw!

She pose better than me. hhahhaha thats no wonder since she likes beauty pageants and she joined a couple of times too.
My mother and I.

My lovely wedge from Dresslink :)
We were running late when we left the house so I was rushing down the stairs to get to the car the suddenly...badvajsdjadbajdb. I stumbled and that's the result. Good thing it was only the strap. I had it fix already :)
DIYed flower crown :) I'll post this one soon.
Winged necklace from clothingloves.
Dress: Oasap
Wedge: Dresslink
Necklace: Clothinloves

I don't have any dress to hook up with the debut's theme so I just made sure to take things on the safe side. Lace dress+winged necklace+floral crown+wedge = yey or nyay? hahhaha

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Till my next post!
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  1. nice outfit! i'll wait for your floral crown diy post :) Its pretty cool <3 Happy birthday to your cousin! :) Btw, you can visit my blog and join my giveaway. I hope you join. Thank you!

    .never settle for less.

  2. omg those big wings >.< want it!!

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  3. muy lindo el disfraz¡¡
    se ve que lo pasaste genial¡¡estabas muy guapa
    Animate a seguirme si aun no lo haces asi podemos estar en contacto
    Nuevo post en mi blog

  4. haha looks like such an awesome party! i love the wings so much, make everyones outfits look so epic!

    -Tara x


  5. happy birthday to her and you looked amazing with your white dress xx

  6. aw you look lovely when you borrowed the wings with the floral headband. wish i went all out on my debut din but at the time i wasnt really very much into it. ^^

  7. What a beautiful celebration and I really love your lace dress. Happy Monday.

  8. woow i want the wings!!! lol beautiful white dress too sis =)

  9. love your lace dress :)

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