Review: Avon's Extra-Lasting Eyeliner

I've already mentioned before that my Mom is an Avon dealer so most of my make up products are from the brand. I find the brand good for its quality and price. However, not all of its products for me. In contrast to my praises for their BB Cream (review here), this eyeliner didn't met my expectation.
I was interested with this product since it shimmers and it has tiny little glitters. So I had one and tried it on.
It has a slim and define tip which can allow different types of strokes.. 
The packaging looks fine for me, nothing really fancy.
No bad smell but doesn't smell good either.

The package says "Shimmering black" but I didn't like how black it was. It has a slight grey-ish shade (but not totally grey). Maybe because it has some glitters? I don't know. It was not something I never expected.

It was super watery. Because of that, it doesn't dry easily which I find really hassle.  And maybe that's why the color isn't solid black (just maybe).

I tried to rub it off maybe 3 times (medium strength) and heres what it looked like after. I haven't tried using it for hours yet since I don't like how watery it is and how long it takes to dry it up on my lids. But if I have the time and maybe the right event, I'll make a review about it :)

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Till my next post!


  1. great! i need this! well, i want this! hahaha :)
    anyway, i have 2 on-going blog giveaways ate em! i hope you can join! :))

  2. I think it's a bad idea to put glitters in black eyeliner in the first place. And if ever there's glitter, the color should be really opaque so it can be used during night time.
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