Nail It

A glimpse of how my nails looked like days before I headed my way here in Cebu. I used the the nail studs I got from KKcenterHk last month. I'm not really good at this so please bear with the messy outcome. 

Anyway, I'm so glad right now to be able to get a job. I'm still waiting for my hotel applications to be approved so for the meantime, I'm gonna conduct tutorials to Korean kids. Its not in line with my profession but at least I'm gonna be financially independent to my parents from now on. 


  1. congratz em!wow,you will work in line of your course talaga.pity the way,if you have time,join my giveaway in the blog:

  2. em parang kamay ng princesa <3 i like the shade of that pink nail polish, also good luck on your new job :)

  3. Congrats, dear!!!! Gorgeous nails!!!
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  4. te sienta genial ,esta manicura es preciosa
    nuevo post en mi blog

    feliz sabado

  5. Nice nail. I love what you did. so cute.

    By the way, I'm holding a giveaway. I'm inviting you to join.

  6. love your nails :) so pretty! :> missed reading your blog :D hehe . just made a new blog and of course, i followed you here again :D hihi !


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