The jogging

Did you know that by the use of exercise we can be safe and get away from a LOT of diseases? In contrast to what others say, exercise is not only intended for the purpose of loosing weight or to be slim and sexy because in fact, even the thin ones can gain weight by exercising! Its main purpose is actually to establish a good health and fit body by enhancing one's immune system, endurance, blood circulation, etc. 

Me and my sister have always planned for a jogging session every summer since the other year but it was always postponed for some reasons. Now, this summer we were determined to wake up early in the morning, to witness the sun rise, breathe fresh air and improve our health. BUT, that determination didn't last that long. hahaha This post was supposed to be posted last month, the day after this jogging but I kept on telling myself that I should post this on the next jogging session. Since it wasn't continued, maybe its the right time to click publish by now. 

We live near a dam and near there is park located just meters away from our chapel. Its a perfect location for an early morning jog because of the cool temperature, the silence and scenery. If you've been here in our place, you'll know what I am talking about :) 




  1. I love it do exercises but the problem is that I don´t have to much time for that!
    Lovelies pics!

    1. a 30 minute exercise when you wake up is more than enough.. :)

  2. I LOVE your blog...Great photos!Really enjoying:)FOLLOW YOU NOW! Please check mines If you want we can follow also with facebook?
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  3. The location looks familiar. But I can't quite remember where... Is this near Maria Cristina?

    I try to exercise everyday too. Not to lose weight but to gain weight.

  4. nice photos! me and my mom have to travel pa just to jog in a relaxing place!


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