Romwe 88 Palette Review

I posted a sneak peak of the palette a week ago. I got it from Romwe and I say its one of my bets purchase from there. It came pretty fast (as expected from Romwe) and it was in good condition. I was a bit hesitant to order it at first because I thought maybe it would arrive all cracked and damaged. Good thing I was completely wrong!

Its available in warm and bright . I chose the bright palette which is composed of 88 bright colors and could make over 100,000 possible combinations! I love the variety of the colors. It's fun to play with and its great for beginners like me.

Texture and Pigment:
Its pigmented enough and sticks pretty well. You won't need heavy amount every application because it colors pretty heavy. The palette consists of matte and shimmery texture which is really good thing. That means I can experiment more not only colors but with textures as well.

I wasn't expecting very much from this palette but it really changed when I tried it on. It blends pretty easy! and doesn't smudged and  doesn't fade easily when rubbed. 

It absolutely cheap than any other palette in the market! Every penny is worth the purchase and this is definitely a steal! Got this for only $17.99

I tried it on and this was the first one I ended up doing. Sorry for the poor photos and poor application and techniques. I'm no expert :)

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  1. ou this is what I lack, a wide collection of eye shadow colors, looks beautiful on your eyes :)

    1. you should have one! try that one from Romwe :)

  2. Thanx for this review !! Even I was not sure while purchasing makeup from Romwe :)

    The most rad and dashing look I have set my eyes on today!!!

  3. huge palette, that's so cheap for $17.00, lucky you. i'm not a fan of make up... i just love lipstick and mascara...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  4. wow nice! Swerte mo girl gusto ko rin ng make up palette hehe :) <3

  5. Loveee !!
    I have the 120 coulours :)

  6. Looks so beautiful on you. Have a great day. xoxo


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