HEALTH: 21-Minute Daily Exercise

For the past months, I've been sleeping really late like 1AM or 2AM. Since the ojt I had in Malaysia up until now, its like my body has been routined to sleep at that span of time early in the morning. In  effect, I wake up late as well. Add to that is the worsening of my dark under eye circles, high level of laziness and morning headache. 

I am so tried of this and I want to break this bad habit. If you are having this situation same as mine, then you might want to check and try this 21-minute exercise too.

If you want to focus more in achieving some abs, then you might want to try this 8-minute Abs work out too.

Let's do this all together. Shall we?
Cheers to a healthier living!! :))


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  2. wow these look great, thanks for sharing!
    im trying to do the same thing at the moment to help improve my fitness for hockey! you should check out Amanda Russel on youtube, she has great stuff. her 6 minute abs of steel work out is the best thing ever! like i have never found one better, you should definitely check it out!


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  3. I really like it. HAve a nice weekend.

  4. I know what you're talking about, I also go sleeping like 3 am on my holiday.. Really need to do some sports because they make me more tired and it's easier to go sleeping earlier :) Those videos seem very nice, and I can also recommend Nike Trainig Club if you want some harder exercise!


  5. cool post ate em! :)



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