Bright Side

Weather has been really bad these days. The sudden rain and sudden change of weather is completely ruining people's plans and work. But let's just say its the rain's way of saying to cool down, relax and chill a little bit at home :3 right? let's take anything to the bright side! (win or loose, Spurs all the way-->  you might be wondering about this late reaction, this is a scheduled post by the way) hahaha..

You might be wondering why I always say how weather has been bad these days yet its all sunny in these backgrounds. Well, actually the moment I finished taking these photos, it rained suddenly. It's that bad. Children here are getting colds and cough because of that. Not to mention, few of of my friends suffer from dengue because its rainy season(mosquitoes love stuck waters where they can multiply). We better be careful!

Details :
Lovely wing necklace from Clothingloves :) 

Skull bracelet from ThePhrenzy.
Lovely sunglass from Firmoo :) its durable , stylish and very convenient too! especially with how sunny the sun can be everyday here in Philippines. You can just take it off if it rains and just put inside the bag, very handy :)

What I'm Wearing:
Bottom: Rowme
Shoes: Handed from my Mom
Necklace: Clothingloves
Sunglass: Firmoo

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  1. nice outer you have! and really love your round sunnies <3 <3

  2. the wings necklace is so pretty <3 reminds me of SJP's necklace

    1. sarah jessica parker <3 / carrie bradshaw here let me link :

      this one :)

  3. LOVE the shorts so much, I need to get a yellow pair for the summer! :) The necklace is also lovely! <3

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  4. I love the denim top! It added an extra
    oommpphh to your outfit :)

  5. I love your outfit look so cute ^^ really like the denim shirt, it suite you perfectly!!



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