Ombre Hairstyles of 2013

Fashion trend is very dynamic. It goes and changes rapidly because of the never-ending new and modified trends and styles that keep on coming. Yes, the pleplum and aztec trends hit all of us last year but they've got so overused to the point that all of the girls wear the trend all at the same time. They may have different colors and prints but all in the same style. People loved that trend but not as much as it is now. 

As what I said, trends and styles rapidly comes and goes away. But there are a couple of them who sticks to everyone and survives in the market for quite a long time. Aztec and pleplum didn't make it much this year but the Ombre style made it. Through the Hollywood celebrities, the style never went out of the trend. They wear it during red carpets, in movies, everytime! Why? because the trend isn't as harsh as dying out your hair with different brands of hair colors every time just to fit-in on events. Ombre is perfect for any event and time! For summer, big events, occasions, etc.

You won't need to experiment with mixes of different colors because Ombre is as easy as finding a lighter shade of your natural hair. You only dye the bottom part to create the gradient color effect. 
"We saw more of the severe-looking ombré trend in 2012. There was a distinct line separating the dark and light hair. But for 2013, the new version of the ombré look will be subtle and less in-your-face. If the old ombré was a scream, then the new ombré is a whisper. The new ombré is all about bringing the lighter color strands closer to the roots, creating a blended, softer look." - Duma

Here are a couple of celebrities spotted with their Ombre hairs :)

Jessica Alba

Ashley Simpson

Lily Aldridge

Ashley Tisdale

Demi Lovato
*credits to photo owners
I would like to try the trend but maybe not now. Not yet. How about you? <3

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  1. I colored my hair over a year ago and I had never retouched it so now the color is already at the level of my chin and it has that nice ombre effect. And i think I'll just maintain it. It's easier to pull off too.

  2. I've been pretty keen to try it out but havent got around to it yet. Seeing photos like this always make me want to, but I havent taken the hair dye leap yet

    -Tara x


    1. I think you two sisters don't need any changes of hair color because you two already looks so lovely with your natural hair!

  3. This hair trend is really beautiful and elegant! I love it!


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