Beauty Steal: Wishtrend

Good Morning! have you voted yesterday? I hope you did. Its our right and practicing it means we love our nation and the future generation. Our votes do count, obviously. If you want change, why wouldn't you take risk with the new running candidates? they're young, new and has the capability to do the job that they are willing to work with.  I can't seem to understand why the people in the top 12 have been always the same person every election! We cannot get the change that we have always wanted if we keep on electing the same person every election who we know didn't realized the things that they have been always promising of. I hope you get what I mean and I hope you all voted who you think deserves to be in their position. I wouldn't say the name but there are some that do not even have the experience and the proper credibility for the position yet they're included within the top 10. For me, there a lot of more deserving candidates that people should have voted for.

Enough of that. hahaha,, I would like to reintroduced to you the company whom I worked with before. Remember my blog post about the package I got all the way from Korea c/o Wishtrend? (review here and here) For those who haven't know them yet...

Wishtrend is an online shop which offers Korean beauty secrets with their brands that are widely used by Koreans but not that famous globally. Hence, the secret behind Korean Beauty.  Wishtrend was launched Fall of 2011. From their first order, they began selling and currently they offer almost 400 products from 30 different brands in over 50 countries worldwide. The company values their customers more than anything. In fact, the company has more than 100,00+ customers loyal to them for their effective products, fast delivery and services. The company's mission is to offer you products to help you more beautiful.

I will be reviewing one of their products namely OST Vitamin C-20 Serum. Have you heard of it? To give you a hint... Its known as "Red Bottle" in Korea which contains 6,000mg of 100% pure vitamin C equivalent with 40 oranges, 120 strawberries and 200 mandarins. It is made with advance quality and technology, manufactured as a vitamin  for skincare.  What are its uses?:
-Removes dead skin cell
-Tightens Pores
-Recovers trouble scars
-Removes blackheads

For the full length details, watch out for my review soon :)

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