Wings of an angel...

A small package arrived days ago and surprisingly, I received them myself :) A cute angel wing ring made my day! I felt like all the stress were relieved, chos! and all the pressure temporarily went out of my mind. The ring kinda whispers that I have my guardian angel here somewhere beside me, guarding and guiding me every day. It makes me feel calm and relax. I have been a believer that they do really exist :) they just don't talk to us unlike in movies, but I'd love to hear them talk and have a chitchat with them! LOL

 Take a look at this cute ring :)

In relation to that: (LOL)

What a shocking day. I never thought time flies so fast and how it will go faster for the next days. We don't have enough time, so small to even bargain what's left. Time is rushing. I planned to go out with my high school friends before going but I think I can't. I think I can't even use the items I order from Romwe. I will surely miss the birthdays of my sister and brother. And, that special day. :((

God has plans and for sure, I'm in the right path. The power of prayer and guidance from him and off course, the wonderful angels he gave to guide me :)

Have a good night! :)


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