Solid black liner and Glittering nails

Remember my review on the water based polish that Uniqso sent me?(read it here) At first, I wasn't that convinced on its effectivity since it peeled of easily on my nails the first time I used it. At my second time, it worked perfectly :) It sticks thoroughly and can be easily removed by simply peeling them off intentionally. It stayed for almost a week on my nails and I know it could have stayed longer if I didn't peeled them off my self. We had our cooking laboratory and polishes are a big No No. It left me no choice.

AQmore Peelable water based nail polish 8ml & Top coat in Shining Star 8ml

Tried using the Dolly Wink eyeliner that sent me days ago, have you read my review about it? :) One great eyeliner, perfect for a day full of errands. You wouldn't need to reapply every now and then since it stays all day long and its water proof. Glides perfectly on the lid and gives a natural line effect. Chos!

Wohoooooo! Tomorrow is the day! Defense for our Feasibility study. Can you lend me some of your prayers and good lucks? :) Right after defense, a few more stressful days and then... bye Philippines T.T
I can't believe the fact that I will be leaving home for half a year. Mixed emotions. I will be missing A LOT of events and dearest persons. "Pwede ubanon sila tnan?"hahaha.

Okay, enough of that. Watch out for upcoming giveaways. I know I have been telling this over and over again. Sorry for the so much delay but I think I'll have to keep you wait for several more days. I'm still on the process of communicating with the sponsors and the fact that I'm so much busy at this point in time, I can't easily reply to them. As of now, you may join my giveaway here :) 

Have a sweet dreams pals! :) Good night! :*

-This post was supposedly posted days ago but I accidentally reverted it to draft hence, a late post! Will post the giveaway by tomorrow! :) 


  1. wow! where did you buy the waterbased polish? Im curious... :)

    Dainty MD
    Please visit my blog too!


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