Counting the days

I've been talking about me and my friends counting the days left for us here in our beloved city... and yeah, country. With so many things to rush on, time keeps pressuring on us. Exams and projects here and there. We don't even have enough time for ourselves. I've been sleeping really late in the past weeks. Thank God that two of our major exams were already finished. Feasibility study and our Asian Cuisine finals. Few more things left; the economics final exam, tourism development tarpaulin and humanities quiz. After that? we're good! good to go! :) Happy? hmm... not so.

To give you a hint of how my busy life went lately, here are some photos. Credits to the owners :)

Meeting Mr. Hashim, the Malaysian representative.

During our planning days on our Tourism Development plan for Bayug Island :)
-Sheila editing videos for the prenup :)

Making Japanese lanterns at Vanessa's house for our Finals in Asian Cuisine. 

I was on the pink team during our 3rd Amazing Race :) Sad to say, we lost the game :P

Breaks during the practice for our Humanities play, The High School Musical :)

Last day of our shoot for the Prenup :)
-the haggard faces! lol

The stall design for the Crepe Store which is our feasibility study.
-I haven't slept for this -.-

That's it.Have a great day! :)


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